Tuesday, August 17, 2010



This week's Photo Challenge is "Arts-N-Crafts." I took this picture when I was visiting New Orleans last year. We spent an afternoon walking through the French Quarter District doing a little shopping, eating and sight-seeing! I loved this area, it was so neat! On that particular weekend there were artists set up all around in the streets showcasing their talents! I stopped and watched this man for about 5 minutes. Gosh, I wish I could draw free-hand like that!


  1. Lovely shot!

    These street artists are awesome, aren't they? :)

  2. Wow - what a cool shot. I wish I could draw free hand too. I'm trying but I don't spend enough time with it. If I'm really trying to do something, I tend to use a grid approach.

  3. great shot! It be could to draw like that
    I'm your new follower, I have to come back and see more great photos