Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Puppy Love

Love is when you can't be apart from someone for too long...you're always thinking of them, and when you're with them you never want to say goodbye. Love is far from simple. It's quite complex. It's a mix of about everything. It's sadness, joy, passion, hatred, excitement, it's almost every feeling you can imagine and more. You know love when you find it, it's that person that when they smile it brightens up your day, you can't stop staring at them for fear of losing them, they're always on your mind, you daydream of being with them, even if they're less than 20 feet away...and you can't stand it when they're not with you, the worst feeling you could ever feel is when you know that person you love is not with you...you can't tell when love will happen, you just know when it does, that moment when you first lay eyes on that person, and you never want to look away...that is love. Nothing less.
This week's photo challenge at Wishful Pictures is "Soul Mates."
Be sure to check out the link for more lovely photos!


  1. OK, I'm not an animal person, but I have to admit...these guys are pretty CUTE! :-) ADORABLE! :-)

  2. They are soo sweet! I just want to squeeze them.

  3. How SWEET!!! I saw your comment on the Bonnie 5 blog & I hopped on over here. You have a great blog & I love all of your quotes! I am your newest follower btw. :) I look forward to coming back!