Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The BIG reveal: August Photo Hunt!

Well, the day is finally here!
It's time for me to reveal my 20 items for the August 2010 Photo Hunt. Let me tell you...I am exhausted after this hunt! Not only did I carry around this list in my purse for the past 31 days, but everywhere I looked I found myself thinking, "hmmm, would that work for the photo hunt?!" I also discovered a new appreciation for clouds. They are so neat! But it's always best to stare at the sky when you are sitting in the passenger seat...I had to make a rule for myself- No photo hunting while driving! So...without further are my 20 items...Hope you like them!
1. A flag that represents me
{Well, I hate to start off with an "archive" photo but I didn't get around to snapping a photo of a flag that represents me. I love this picture I took last November in New York City. It was a very windy night so you can see the line of flags flapping in the wind.}
2. Something comfortable
{Three things that bring me great comfort}
3. Something in season
{School is back in session and that means so are the school zones! Be sure to slow down!}
4. Feet
{Gotta love the baby feet and the joy on a sweet baby's face who is just discovering their little toes!}
5. Repetition
{A ferris wheel goes round and round and round}
6. Culture or ethnicity
{Authentic hawaiian leis all the way from Hawaii}
7. Contrast
{White feather, black table}
8. An indulgence
{Blue Bell homemade ice cream...perfect on a hot summer day!}
9. A macro or closeup
{I love the way the sun is shining on this flower}
10. Something masculine
{Electric guitars}
11. Something feminine
{Kentucky Derby hat}
12. Light
{Here is another "archive" photo, but I thought it was too neat not to share! I took this photo last year during a night photography class. We played with long shutter speeds, flashlights and starbursts!}
13. Eco-friendly
14. Business
{A local barber shop in old downtown}
15. An arrow
16. Something wet
{Aquarium and fish}
17. Something dry
{Clothes dryer}
18. Butterflies
{Butterfly stickers from my stash of scrapbook supplies}
19. Heart-Shaped Clouds
{My heart about jumped out of my chest when I saw this cloud! I only touched up the skies with a little more blue! Thank you God for this beautiful heart-shaped cloud! Clouds are so cool!}
20. Strength
{Cancer fighters and survivors}
So there you have it! The wait is over! Be sure to check out the link for more amazing entries! The judges will pick 5 favorites from each category and then the voting polls will stay tuned! Happy September everyone!


  1. I think you did a great job on these, they are very creative!Your 2 archived photos are amazing! I think the cloud one is my favorite not couting your archives!

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE your light photo though! So fun!

  3. Great shots, I love the ferris wheel and the macro!

  4. Wow Ashley, these are wonderful! Great job! I wish I could learn to work my canon better. I am so jealous! You have some great shots!

  5. repetition is awesome! love the collection...great work!

  6. great entries! I can't believe you got a cloud that was heart shaped. How awesome. I also love your ferris wheel one. Great job! ps, I'm now following you. :)

  7. Beautiful entries! I love them all! Wow, the lighting with the hat is SO enchanting! Love it!

  8. OH wow...LOVE all these shots. You did a great job with the challenge!

  9. Wow - these are absolutely beautiful photos! Love your feet shot! And your heart shaped cloud is stunning. So pretty!

  10. Wow! I love all your shots! I think that your photo for feet and repetition are my very favorites! My husband just loves your indulgence shot (Blue bell is his favorite ice cream and we can't buy it over here)!

  11. Oh wow, your photos are all amazing! I honestly can't pick one favorite. I really think a lot of yours will be favorites.

    And thanks for commenting on my photos. :)

  12. Great Job!!! I love your business photo... it'd look sweet with an old rustic feel to it!

  13. I love your contrast shot--it is stunning!

  14. Last night I was in the airport looking through your photos - the internet was so slow that I couldn't comment. Well I'm back and so glad I did - I love your repetition and light shots. Incredible.

  15. These are AMAZING! I love the your creativity, so enjoyable to look at. Like little pieces of art. GREAT job!! :-)

  16. The ferris wheel is a beautiful shot!

  17. nice results . . . the hat is my favorite :)

  18. This is my first time stopping by to see your work and wow! All of your shots are amazing! I can't pick just one or two that are my favorites!

  19. WOW! These are all just amazing! I was going to say I especially love the flag one, but I just especially love them all!

  20. oh wow, I seriously love each and every one. How to pick a favorite? your flag shot is one of my favorites from all of them I think, and what a fantastic heart-shaped cloud you caught!

  21. Wow, you had so many awesome shots, it was fun to look through them all. I loved your to archived shots of the flag and the lights. I LOVE Blue Bell ice cream! Are you a Texas girl???

  22. Wow Ashley you are incredibly talented. I thought the macro shot of the flower was gorgeous, repetition pic was really creative, the feet picture was absolutely PERFECT, and that white feather pic was so neat!! Love them all, can't wait to see what you do next!