Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NYC- Day 2

Ready for a fun day in the park?
Central Park that is...
The morning of Day 2 we woke up and decided to head up to Central Park. It was overcast with a slight chance of rain, so it seemed like a perfect day to stroll around the city and pop into a museum or two if the rain started!
The park was so pretty. Definitely one of the highlights for me on this trip. It was full of so much color...
and lots
and lots
of leaves!
And dogs too!

Next stop... a park bench! We hung out for a little bit and enjoyed the scenery. And check out D's new white shoes! Don't they just shine and sparkle?
They may sparkle, but not as much as this...
We made a pit-stop at a few shops on 5th Ave!
By this time we were pretty hungry so we stopped
at Trump Tower for a bite to eat.
Then we made it to St. Patrick's Catherdral ...
just in time for mass. It was an amazing church, so beautiful inside!
After mass, it started to rain, so we spent the next couple of hours at the
(Sorry no pictures at the museum)
After the museum, we headed back "home" to plan the rest of the evening.
We decided to go pick out tickets for a broadway show!
Look at all those cabs! It's kind of weird, I haven't seen a single one since we've been home!
We finished the day off at Radio City Music Hall. We got half-off tickets to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, starring the lovely Rockettes! We had such a fun time!

Whew! Are you tired yet? Rest up...because Day 3 includes this!....

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