Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NYC- Day 1

Times Square, New York City

Above is the view we saw when we walked out of our hotel on Day 1.

Times Square was just like you see in the movies and full of
lots and lots of people.

Luckily Day 1 fell in the middle of the week so we were able to walk around without bumping into too many people. Saturday in Times Square was a different story though!

After checking out all the lights and billboards in Times Square we headed over to
Rockefeller Center.
The day we arrived was the same day the famous Christmas tree was delivered. Even though we weren't there to see it lit up, it was still neat
to watch them set it up.
(You'll see a picture later in the tour!)

Next stop...a late night snack at an amazing candy store!

Mmm...I'm craving some peanut M&Ms!

Wondering what Day 2 in NYC will bring? Here are two clues...

full of color!
See ya'll tomorrow!

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