Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big City Livin'

There are many pros and cons of living the big city life!IMG_2502-1
Other than all the amazing restaurants, museums and shops, some of my favorite things about the city are all the lights and tall buildings. I love driving past downtown and seeing all the different colors!
One thing I could live without, however, would be the traffic!
This week's In a Yellow House Photo Challenge is "Urban." The above photo is my submission. I love the starburst effect coming from the street lights. This is really easy to do. My f-stop in this particular picture was set at f/22. The lower the f-stop (or higher the number), the more exaggerated the effect. Try it, it's fun! Remember when taking night time photography you will want a tripod to keep the camera steady. Exposure times typically will last seconds, rather than the usual fraction of a second. In the above picture I think my exposure time was close to 30 seconds! It may feel like a long time, but it is definitely worth the wait!

Be sure to check out the link for other urban photos!



  1. Wow - what an incredible shot. I'll have to try that little trick with a long exposure. I have not mastered this trick at all. So glad you joined!

  2. I love them all, especially the last one with the view finder. You are so talented!

  3. I love your B&W and that effect! Amazing!

  4. WOW, I'm in LOVE with your starbursts! I'm dying to get some city shots, but it gets dark soooo late, and well, I don't live in the city. I've been wanting to go downtown and experiment with nighttime lighting. Great tip about the f-stop. I LOVE that effect and will definitely try it out! :-)

  5. love that last shot! how fun!

  6. That's an incredible night scene. Love the star burst.

  7. Wow! I love your shots:) The starburst shot looks awesome. Gotta try that soon:)