Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing in Action


I’ve been busy. It never fails this time of year is always busy, busy, busy. Busy is the constant theme of my life right now but I guess that’s what I get for being a “bean-counter.” I’ve been working way more than forty hour weeks, which is no fun, so… in my spare time, before and after work, I spend minute after minute planning and dreaming of a job that doesn't take me too far away from the people I love and maybe even my pajamas! Wondering what some of my daydreams consist of? I'm thinking a future work-from-home office similar to this doesn't sound too bad!

There have also been a few things tangling up my thoughts lately and I wanted to make sure I was more present for those things so…I took a little blog-vacation. Vacations are supposed to be fun…but not this one, because I missed blogging! So, I'm back! Feel free to let me know ya'll are still out there blog-world! :)

Oh yeah, and maybe, just maybe, I was in a slight state a of mourning after last week's roller coaster football game and just didn't feel like blogging....I hope you understand!

So…here’s to a new year, a new month (Happy February!- *aka* month of LOVE & my birthday month!), and some new, fun blogs!

Oh…and here’s to my new toy…

Happy early Birthday to me!


  1. I was afraid you were in mourning after that game! Glad to see you back. I am still here and looking for that job that I could do in my pajamas too! We have a MAC and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, you especially will because of all the editing with your photography. Happy February, glad you are back from vacation!

  2. Yea!!!!! I am glad you blogged...I know that will make you feel better!!! I was really getting worried about you. I have one that your desk???? It is beautiful...Do you want to come over and make mine look like that?!?!? I hope I get to see you this weekend and I miss you!

    Love your friend,

  3. Happy early birthday! :) Is that your office? I love that desk...I'm jealous! Mine is awful...haha! :)