Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's Gone Country

Look at them boots
She's gone country
Back to her roots!
This past weekend I went to the Houston Rodeo with my parents. It was their first time to go this year, however, it was my fifth! So I was about "rodeo-ed" out! Here are a few fun pictures I captured. Can't wait for next year!
Grand Entrance Parade...R.C. Slocum...
former Aggie head football coach...Gig'em!
And its definitely not a rodeo without one of these...
Or one of these...

We had some pretty awesome seats!

So we were close enough to see all the action

And some cute bull fighters!
Even George Bush Sr. loves the rodeo!

My all-time favorite rodeo "event" invloves this little guy...
It's the funniest thing ever!
Little kiddos hang on to the sheep for dear life and the kid that hangs on the longest wins a trophy and belt buckle! So cute!
The night wrapped up with Brooks & Dunn's "Final Rodeo Tour." They have performed at the Houston Rodeo for 19 consecutive years and they are my dad's favorite group, so it was definitely an exciting night to be part of

"rodeo history!"

"She lives in Houston, she flies to New York City
That woman's been around the world
You can take the girl out of the honky tonk
But you can't take the honky tonk, take the honky tonk out of the girl!"

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  1. I missed the rodeo this year being sick... but I always love it!! The music, the food, the beer, the fair... what else do you need?